Royal-Flush Elite Author!


One of the best days of my life, definitely we stepped into Envato Elite. We are a small team - Nick & Duke, working really hard to create premium Wordpres Themes and deliver a high quality items to our clients. Our first item “Cufo” was rejected 11 times but we don’t give up, never give up! Thanks to qualified Envato reviewers it reached a high quality standards and finally got approved. Cufo got 200 sales in March and was the Best Rated theme in the Creative/Portfolio category during 2 month, but someone rated it with “4 stars” rating and sales went from 150-200 to 20-30. It was horrible, we were earning less than 500$ a month, but even in that hard moment we don’t give up, again, never give up! We were working hard to create something better and more powerful so back in November we introduced new theme - Hyper-X, which is the Best Rated in the Creative/Portfolio category and selling pretty well.

This is our history in short. Within 1 year we reached 75,000$ + with hard work and patience. I suggest all new authors to trust Envato review team and follow all the hints they give you, work hard, be patient, take care about customers and the business will take care about itself, never give up and believe me your dreams come true!

Kind Regards, Duke :wink:


Congratulations! That’s a really inspiring story :sunny:

Good work guys, so keep it up .)

Nice story there ! And Congrats !

Yeah! Really nice story. Good luck and further development :slight_smile:

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. Best of luck :slight_smile: