We need professional advice.

Greetings community of kind people, musicians, and professionals who know music.
Some of you are already familiar with my work. And despite the fact that I am very slowly moving in a professional direction, it seemed to me that this time I became closer to my goal.
I sent this track for review, and I think that it will not be approved … As you already know, for three and a half years I have not been approved of a single composition.
As usual, I ask for productive criticism, although it upsets me and makes me a little confused, it nevertheless helps to move forward in a professional direction.
Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent to my efforts.Stream Summer Smoothie Pop by Oleh Slesarchuk | Listen online for free on SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/mahadeo-makar/summer-smoothie-pop

Here is the sequence of my work:


Hi Oleh,

To be honest: I guess no. In my opinion, there is no progression in your learning curve. It’s the opposite, unfortunately.
In my opinion you will catch the next rejection, because:

  • you need 1 minute and 11 seconds with an ever repeating three-chord theme, before something markable happen in your song - and this is the start of the bassdrum and the bass
  • the mix of the song is…bad. Sorry to say that. Your bassdrum is way too quiet, has no pressure. The bass sounds more like a “fa*t” than a bass. The bass is way too quiet.
  • the synth arpeggio at 01:27 is way too hectic
  • your chosen melody and accompanying sounds are all from the same type, nearly no difference
  • that 3-chord pattern is repeating the whole song - there is no song evolution in composing

This songs sounds like produced with a General Midi library from an early 90’s soundcard.

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Well to start there’s way too much energy in the mid frequencies around 500 Hz, and not nearly enough in the sub bass region. That’s one really common trend I’m noticing from a lot of people who got rejected. You have to fill up the sub region especially during the main sections of your track. Not just kick drum, you need bass too and it needs to be balanced with the rest of the frequencies. This can be accomplished by taking a spectrum analyzer and looking at your track vs. other professional quality tracks and noticing the differences.

Right now you have a bassline that 1) doesn’t really match the chord progression played by the synth, and 2) it’s so sporadic and inconsistent that it doesn’t drive the track forward and instead leaves a ton of empty space.

Also your track is audibly distorting… only several seconds in and I’m hearing distortion. That’s pretty much an automatic rejection if the listener can hear the effects of clipping or limiting or whatever you used. Doesn’t matter if the rest of the track is perfect, if the reviewer can hear distortion then it’s not going to be accepted.

So in conclusion my recommendation would be:
1 - Use an EQ to cut at 500 Hz or so from that main chord synth, 3 dB at least if not more.
2 - Replace the bass you currently have with a bassline that actually matches the chord progression and have the rhythm be consistent and not cut in and out leaving huge gaps.
3 - Choose a kick drum that’s less boomy and with more of a transient so it can cut through the mix a bit more (personal preference really but your kick is kind of muddy and doesn’t have much clarity compared to the rest of the drums)
4 - Make sure there is absolutely no audible distortion. Not sure what’s causing the distortion right now but whatever it is, find it and fix it.

This won’t guarantee the track will be accepted of course but it would go a long way towards improving it. Either way I wish you luck!

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Thank you ! This is exactly what I need now for work, and in order not to lose faith in myself!