Was your work copied on Elegantflyer.com? Let's get this together

Dear colleagues, designers and especially the authors of Envato! We want to talk with you about copies of design, borrowing, etc. Recently, there have been some complaints about the fact that we are copying the authors from Envato. We are very upset about this situation and we would like to clarify it.

A lot of designers work in our company and we aren’t able to control everybody. Perhaps somewhere there is a borrowing of topics and ideas, etc. We have found some of such works and deleted them. Some of us also were working on Envato and there is also the same situation. Some authors also copy our works, and we have to fight with it.

That’s why we are offering you the following: If you have found that your work was copied somehow or we violated someone’s rights, please – send us 2 links (to the original and to a possible copy). We will deal with this immediately.

Let’s respect each other, because accusations and insults it isn’t a good decision of this situation. Just give us the links and it will work.

And at last, we want to show you some examples how they steal from us. Let these author be ashamed)


Thank you for your attention! Elegantflyer Team

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If you detected that some one violated your rights, you can contact Envato support team:

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Just in case of interest…

Does someone know what happens if such a report is marked as true? Does Envato simply remove item from marketplace, or do they also subtract the amount of money (which should be the same as “author” earned from selling stolen items) and credit it to original author (if he has Envato account)?

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They don’t give it to the other author but they may withhold any unpaid earnings from the copying account

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@charlie4282 A question, Do I can copy design other flyer for approved graphicriver? If I not can copy it than I can give me idea new for example other flyer thanks.

Hey! First flyer its really retake after purchase on GR, but 2rd is not stealed. Just they are make same think and dot it better (its my meaning) than our guy.

All authors thinking about another ideas and create same things, one author can do it nice, but same author who want steal idea cant do it better and just chillin after stealing.

Ideas for flyers objective only for your materials and items (not free google pictures or stocks like evanto elements).

If i will see samd flyer with goos idea ill think only why i did not so better.

If somebody steal 80% of item ill send this work to envato support, for supporting my rights.

Dont worry about new deaigners who sale your idea at freelance - they just learning.

Example: You can make freebie flyers in your group and guys who want steal something - will steal firstly free items.

Gl, hf! Designers who work more than 7-10 years must know what is that, when yout work was stealed and u laugh like baby, because ita rlly bad flyer or author​:joy::joy:

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Yes, we all need to adhere to other resources TOS, and make changes if needed!