Confused by widespread apparent plagiarism

Let me start by saying that this is just a sideline for me. I’m a senior level creative director in NYC by day. I’m confused by the rampant plagiarism I see on the site. I’ve done a few presentations, and some sell pretty well. In looking at some of the other presentation templates, many of them are taking designs I created from scratch and are using them directly, without even bothering to change them. In other instances where there were changes made, they were made by someone with no apparent education or experience as a designer. If any of my art directors came to me with these kinds of changes, I’d fire them on the spot.

What to do? There is the option of selling without the extended license, but I doubt that would have much of an impact. Should I join the other sheep and just rip off some other designs and put my name on it? It goes against everything I stand for, and I can’t imagine putting my name on materials with this sort of quality. It’s not sour grapes - I’m not complaining; just trying to figure this thing out. I have 25 years of creative leadership experience, and have worked on global campaigns that everyone here has seen. This is just a sideline for me, but the game here eludes me. Does anyone see the deal with ripping off designs as a business model? What’s the smart way to approach this?

It’s an unfortunate downside to stock marketplaces, especially the biggest in the world and is not an issue exclusive to envato.

With so many different authors sharing so many backgrounds, experience, focus and attitudes etc. There will inevitably be the odd bad apple - thankfully the minority and a very small % of users.

If you think your item is being ripped then you should definitely report it to support.

Envato Authors Help and Support

hi lol i guess that imitation is a flattering kind of admiration that should boost your ego but i can identify that this sort of thing is very bothering, on the other hand, this is already lucky if u do not have a guy to try to download your item change 2 mini small things and post it as if they had created it, just like what happened for me lol
i think that the thing to protect authors is just a waste fo time and that u should rather move on … they will ask you to go through dmca procedure that will take u much time and not sure that there is no effect at all in the end anyway

I totally agree with n2n44

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