I have just notice, what Envato did with Placeit. They “copy” with little changes all best selling logos and probably all items at Graphicriver and other marketplaces, and put it on Placeit. I just found one of my best selling logos their with small changes. They actualy destroy all authors items (thats why we don’t have any sales anymore) and use all their Elements, so they collect all profit. They actualy stole all authors ideas. Can you belive that? And noone can do nothing about it.

Hello @loros

That is unbelievable. Can you write more details with screenshots?

you can also Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


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Show us some example / proof.

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Strange Unbelievable Come up with some proof or any screenshot,

But you don’t have any logos for sale on Graphicriver?

I found user named “loros” on graphicriver and he have one item on the market…

so… ? ;]

maybe he is posting from another account to get into trouble when stating this …
placeit is a plague for authors indeed and does not abide by quality standards of GR , have a look at the flyer category and u can easily realize about it , i guess nothing there would make it through the reviewing system …

who cares @n2n44

if someone is starting topic like this I would like to see examples

I could tell you I was kidnapped by ufo yesterday … same thing here :slight_smile:

beware not to fall into “plot theory” lol this is fine to question what people are saying but this i s fine also to accept that all people are not necessarily being dishonnest mentally without this is proved when they say something which looks strange lol i guess he has to prove himself right for this matter but in any case , as i mentioned, for me this is not an issue, the thing is that placeit is not a good things for authors anyways …

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