Envato started using Video Items on PlaceIt

Hey guys,

looks like Envato started using Element’s authors Videohive items on PlaceIt recently. I have not gotten any mail or Earnings yet (and hope to receive both soon), but found my animation on PlaceIt.

If you are an Elements author you may hop over to PlaceIt to see if they are using your items as well.

I already contacted support when to expect any payment for this.


(This post was edited. The first version was me rumbling about not getting any payment yet, but let’s give envato the benefit of the doubt here :smiley: )

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PlaceIt item:


There may be more, I have to dig through the whole catalogue.

You guys should all check.

@Videostones here’s your gaming intro: https://placeit.net/c/videos/stages/intense-intro-maker-for-a-shooter-theme-gaming-video-1704-el1 :smiley: :confetti_ball:

Now let’s try to find my logo animations… :thinking: edit: none to be found, placeit no like me :sob:

Are you sure Envato is using your animation on PlaceIt? It could be another author who downloaded your item from Elements and placed it for sale on PlaceIt. Unfortunately, I have already seen my item on Fiverr that someone else shared for sale… :frowning:

PlaceIt is not an open marketplace, files are curated by envato.

Ok, understand.

This is insane!! Is there something in the terms that says they can use your items on PlaceIt when you join Elements? If not, this becomes a legal matter.

Yes there is, since November last year every Elements item is considered for PlaceIt unless the author opts out. They said they would send you an email though, that will let you know when your item was placed on PlaceIt. I don’t know how long my item is up there already, maybe it is just a few days there and the mail is coming soon. I would have wished to not have to find it out by myself though.
Back in November they were only interested in Graphic items, not video.

The earnings share on Placeit is pretty low, though. Only 20% of the turnover go to the authors.

Funny thing is, yesterday I received a mail offering me to become a PlaceIt contributor, which led me to visit PlaceIt and find out I am already a contributor there without knowing it :slight_smile:

I will let you guys know what envato tells me. I guess it is a matter of “You will receive your first statement at the end of the month” or so.

That’s a relief, otherwise it would have been bonkers! Still, not a friendly way to do things and a pretty lousy deal in my opinion.

I just got mail from envato. They say they send out a mail each month prior to the payout date with information regarding earnings. This is also the mail that will make you realize that your item is on PlaceIt, so this can be 1 month delay.

Looks like my item was just recently put on PlaceIt. I’m eager to find out the results, so I am actually grateful for the chance.
I do however think that it is better to let the authors know when an item gets placed there, it is just more transparent.

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Anyone interested:

I just received what looks like to be my PlaceIt earnings from the one file mentioned earlier. It is a sobering 18 USD for the whole month.

I did not receive the “official” mail yet, although it was promised that i would get that before the payout.

I will give this some more months but honestly, Elements looks like the much better deal for authors here.

edit/ I got mail from PlaceIt and last Earnings report looks much better.