Placeit Joins Envato

Today we’re excited to announce that Placeit has joined Envato.

What is Placeit?

Placeit offers a series of ‘smart design templates’. These allow anyone of any skill set to make professional designs, mockups and videoes quickly without software or hiring a designer.

Where does the content come from?

The Placeit team creates all their content in-house or from external open-source libraries such as Unsplash.

What’s next for Envato and Placeit?

We’ll be introducing Placeit to Envato customers and you may see advertising related to this. We encourage you to go and check it out too. Placeit could be a great way to leverage mockups to spice up the preview images of your design items.

As we move forward together (Placeit and Envato) we will be exploring opportunities for authors to get involved with Placeit. We’re still thinking about how best to do that and will let you know as soon as we’re ready.

This is exciting news for us and you may have other questions. We’ll be around for the next seven days answering questions in batches. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


Great! Good luck! but please do not include it at the header, there is already very hard to navigate so many links in a small space.
Thank you!

@jamesgiroux How much?

Usually companies will reveal the amount as well.

Any time frame on when author’s items can be made available on placeit?


Awesome! I’d love to see a better price for the subscription!

Is Placeit included in the Envato Element membership?


Is market elements and placeit interconnected? I mean can you find same items on placeit as you can find same items from market on elements?

Are placeit items being made out of market items?

Am I the only one, who doesn’t understand it?

I was shocked to see this advert on homepage, even I’m not a specialist on mock-ups.

Graphicriver has a great variety of professional mock-ups for sale and now Envato introduced this, which in my eyes will just steal the sales from those talented mock-up designers on Graphicriver?


This will not lower the profits for the authors?

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Yes, would like to know this.

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Wow, this is a horrible step for us graphicriver-authors. Over Years we build a reputation for your platform with our MockUps and now envato takes this reputation and builds a competing platform upon it, wich will cannibalize sales for all Graphicriver Authors.

Bite the hand that has fed you all these years? Nice move!


What a horrible move for us Graphicriver authors! You Envato are the only one excited about it…
You really believe we are as excited as you?! This announcement is just a shame for all those who have helped you build your reputation.


Excited who? Destroying authors with these decisions you are going to make weak sales even worse. With this you just show how much you care about the authors, why simply do not turn off the Market and you will not be torture authors on this way. Run for as much money and ignore everything else is a dangerous thing today unfortunately by the author tomorrow who knows.


This is can be helpful for me if you offer SVG download at least for the mockup section, I know I can use PNG for that but I prefer SVG because I can customize it using CSS

apart from being another big blow to authors, this place is a joke! i have just been to the flyer category and what we can find there is just a recollection of nasty smelling farts …

this is incredible how stupid some guys turn out ot be … they are told that they are going to shaven bold and what they have to say ?! yippie! LOL

Hey Lou, can u imagine that some dumbbells look exciting about being replaced by a machine and that their job is thrown down the toilet lol there were enough very poor quality things made and printed all around teh worls , now people will do their own crap with their complete lack of understanding of communication, targets, aims and so on and so forth … on the other hand, as i mentioned in the other thread, this is the final assault on authors aftyer they had been more pushed into creating simple useless items almost only based on typo … besides does the reviewing team know about design principles, as for i see daily with what they accept, i guess they have no clue of what we are talking about!

LOL no , no way LOL let people do their own nasty soup on their own without they have to dewal with the opinion of a professional is definitely not going to work LOL anyone who has been working in an agency knows that customers by essence feel like we are bothering them when they want to do their own crap without taking care of any knowledge, rule of the industry and so on and so forth … who here has never been imposed a don’t like using comic sans ms by a customer … i guess there will not be much people to raise their hands in the air …

yeah u are right lets ask a cheaper price for it so that we all , authors , get shaven bold, and killed more quickly lol

yeah good luck lol apart from taking some potential sales away fron authors, this will bring the quality of designs down again … what a fantastic news … and in the longer run we will all be run unemployed, let’s give it up for the wonderful new introduction that benefits envato and no one else!