Placeit or Canva?

Hello dear authors!

I have already read a lot on this forum about Envato Market and Elements. Some say Envato Market is collapsing due to the presence of Elements, while others say it is temporary.

I think, like some other authors, that there are more and more online solutions on the Internet, such as Canva, Adobe Express, Shutterstock, which now has the ability to edit templates directly from the website.

I think Envato should create this type of website, or rather develop an existing one called “Placeit”. Unfortunately, at the moment this website has nothing to offer that could interest me. I can find much more in Canva or Adobe Express.

I think that if Envato Market does cease to exist, why not move all graphic templates to Placeit and then settle accounts with the authors? It is very similar in Canva. There you can find brochures, posters, flyers, presentations, mockups, logos and much more.

I know that this post may cause some controversy, such as the topic of Elements itself and the promotion of this website, but now people are switching to web and mobile applications. People who can’t install Photoshop or InDesign prefer to pay $10 for a Canva subscription and have it all.