How about the sides Envato?

Was off for a week or so, and upon return I see this visual misalignment - how come side panels are not filled with Elements banner yet? Customers might miss the other two, we need to add couple more at least.

Not only Envato team ignored all authors complains about removing bottom Elements banner and then removed closing button for that same banner, but they’ve also added a standalone and highlighted Unlimited Elements banner which is visible in Codecanyon as well, as if you had many Codecanyon categories in Elements))

Such an aggressive advertisement of Elements makes you think Market is no importance for the Envato any more.


We really gotta sell our things somewhere else…


Could be an option, but I’m not aware of any other marketplace that would have the traffic of Envato Market, if you know some let me know

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Envato marketplace comes on top, obviously. But I think the glory days of these marketplaces are at the verge of an end. Customers find subscription model more preferable nowadays. Maybe we should invest some our time in providing services such as Fiverr or Upwork.

it was clear they gonna develop and invest in elements a couple of years ago. I was on one of Envato conference and a speaker, Envato staff, announced that