Changes in the air... hopefully they are good...

It is about the subscription direction that Envato has taken in the 2-3 years which I understand and I can accept it, but the infamous banner in our item pages is not ok and it literally drives me crazy!!!

Guys, please understand that we don’t want the Elements banner in our item pages, please find other ways to advertise it, why don’t you listen to us?

At least make it an option if we want to display it on our item pages or not, I feel betrayed about this banner, and every time I want to speak out about it I feel like I am not allowed and something bad will happen if I do… and I think I should be able to speak openly about it considering that I dedicated eleven years of my life as an Envato contributor.

I’ve seen this brought up quite a few times, and while I agree, the answer is always that according to their data, the banners and other ads don’t impede on market sales at all.

I do honestly wonder just how true that is though, because at least once or twice a day there is someone posting in the forum saying that they thought they could get the marketplace item with elements because the banner was there, or that they thought the Elements subscription options were misleading. Both of those often lead to the user wanting a refund. So with so many people posting on the forum, how many have this issue and don’t say anything about it?

For someone like me who doesn’t get a ton of sales regularly, every single one counts in a big way, so even if one person intended on buying my item then decided to get Elements instead, it’s an issue.

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I am worried that this will end up in the death of this amazing place, more and more angry clients and unhappy authors.

If this banner does not convert many users to Elements… which I don’t believe considering the posts in this forum… why not remove it, what is the big deal, personally to me this makes no sense…

In my opinion, the next major move of the new CEO will decide the faith of this marketplace… if Elements is still the nr.1 priority at the cost of us authors and the marketplace then slowly but surely the marketplaces will go down as it can already be seen with AJ…

I have high hopes that the new CEO will find a way to fix this huge issue otherwise the future does not look too good for us authors, you can already see this in stock marketplaces like AJ, is a disaster, as for the sales going down in the marketplace it is relative, personally, I doubled my sales this year and it is not a good year considering the pandemic crisis.

Hoping for the best.