What is the main difference between Envato Elements and PlaceIt by Envato

I am subscribed to Envato Elements. Is this subscription more robust and does it have more items to download than Place it by Envato? What are the main differences. I am working for a youtube author as a graphics creator and animator and wondered if there is value in subscribing to both for my current use? Thank you.

They are entirely different.

PlaceIt is for auto-generating assets and mockups, such as putting your logo on a mug or t-shirt, or typing your business name and having it auto-generate a logo, even templates for Youtube thumbnails, video intro, etc. The idea of PlaceIt is that you just upload or type something in, and it will automatically fill in a template for you to download.

Elements allows you to download a bunch of different assets or templates which you can then customise and use in a bunch of different ways. The items you get are very similar or even identical to what you can get off of the Envato Marketplaces, such as Themeforest or GraphicRiver. Though keep in mind that Elements and Themeforest are two different things, subscribing to Elements doesn’t give you anything on Themeforest, but you may find some of the same items in both.


  • For non-designers, or for people who want to quickly generate images/video without doing any work.


  • For people who often need templates or graphical assets, usually for businesses or regular client work.

Thank you very much. This was very helpful, I appreciate it.