Author on Graphicriver steal my product



I don’t post my products on graphicriver because I don’t like prices that Graphicriver’s staff give me. But some one else create fake “Lstores” account and resell my item.
Original link
Stealed item

What you think Envato team?


Hi, you can read more here:


Thanks, but on what email I need to send it?


This link:


Thank you!


So, that’s very very funny:
I have add a comment about stealing my work, but my comment WAS DELETED :slight_smile:

I even couldn’t add a comment on my stealed product :slight_smile:


hi buddy, this is “stolen” not stealed lol but i understand that u don’t feel good indeed and i am sad for you …


lol u have been flagged , maybe they did not see the likelihood lol maybe the person in charge has wooden eyes lol


Thanks. Yes, I was in a hurry and did not check the word in the dictionary. My English is bad


Don’t worry, contact the support and they will take the file down. And the user also. I remember that few weeks ago somebody did this same to Mockups Zone, the situation was quite similar to yours. The file was deleted in next days.

This is pretty bad situation if someone steal not just the file, but all identity.
Good Luck, I love your work.


i was kidding about it lol :wink:


we have seen even worst lol , some guys duplicating GR’s site, having fake account for the real authors and selling aall for themselves … cannot get worst than this indeed …


Hoho that guy really doesn’t lack the creativity. Steal all world :smiley:


Thanks everybody, stolen item have been deleted :slight_smile: