Unfortunately we have not found enough similarities to act on your report.

One author stole design from other’s item and i sent email to Envato support team that someone steals from another. And they investigated and gave reply to me:

“Unfortunately we have not found enough similarities to act on your report.”

Is it normal? So he/she took and only changed the background shape but whole design is the same.

I mean is it normal for Envato Market?



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I think basic shapes that we use when we create instagram stories. You might have inspired from one of the design and he might have inspired from another design which are both identical. In my view those two examples are created with circle shape. These are basic ideas that gets people to make. I can see why envato supoort taken that decision.

The position of the particles in the background is exactly the same. Only colors are different. This is no simple coincidence.

I rather think both those templates are created with the same preset pack or are both stealing from the same main source :smiley:

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Do you really think in this case one artist didn’t stole from another? You think it is coincidence?

I even think they both are same artist :slight_smile:

wouldn’t surprise me as well. I think a lot of authors are “collaborating” with these big packs, to the point of repacking the same assets over and over again on different accounts to make more money.

All big pack elements look pretty much identical to a certain degree. I have heard of buyers who told me that a big part of the packs they buy is the same stuff they have already bought in another pack.

Then there is self-purchasing and rating on the highest level between some authors which envato support doesn’t care about as well.

True, I know Authors who has around 10 accounts here xd)

slips $10 to dreamyward
We cool?

xd, I’m not that kind of a person)

damn! :smiley:

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it is sad heard this from you, because new artists like me we put our effort to create original things, and others know how the market works and plays on their rules without effort but earn more money.

Wow! :frowning:
In long term it will turn into a big catastrophe for entire AE template market. I believe audience and reputation cost more than money.
Oversaturated market. Cheating. Adobe that almost don’t develop their software.

I’m so glad that I move myself away from all of this. :slightly_smiling_face: Do not miss After Effects at all… Anyway video industry only growing and there will be bright future for all motion designers.