Visual composer update problem


We have purchased Jupiter theme from theme-forest and after updating this theme to its latest version, Visual Composer stopped working. A message is appearing to my dashboard that please update visual composer also and "Apply License " button is appearing. When I click that button then this message is appearing “NO LICENSES FOUND”.

Please tell me if this plugin comes with purchased theme then why separate license activation link is appearing for this plugin?

You need to ask the to provide you the latest version 4.11.2 of Visual Composer which is compatible with WordPress 4.5. VC version 4.11.1 is not compatible with Wordpress 4.5

I have the same problem.
Composer stopped working after update 4.5 WP.
I still have 3 months support with my total theme template, so should work…
What do i have to do?
Thanks in advance.


Post the item forum or in comments and ask the author to provide you the latest version of Visual Composer.

Sorry, I am new in that…
Where do i have to post?
I can not find how to ask author… I am looking for in themeforest but i don´t know.
Could you tell me,please, how to do it?
Thank you


Visit the item page ( from where you purchased it ) , there you’ll find a “Support” tab. Click and that tab and go through the instructions there.

Hi there, since it is a big problem with VC and updating with TGMPA, we came with a fix everyone can use. Just drop the snippet to your child theme functions.php to re-enable the update functionality:

I did it yesterday and it worked.
I have another problem after I update the theme and visual composer. When I try to add a new element, I miss some elements like: portfolio grid, staff grid, staff carousel and some more…Do you know why? Thanks for helping.


It depends on the theme and multiple factors… Unfortunately I can’t tell what is causing that

Those are not native VC elements, but provided by either your theme or another add-on.

Hi there,
Thanks for the answer.
It´s curious because I have another web with the same theme (total) and in that web there are all this elements I told you.
That´s why I was asking you about it…I would need one of this elements in the web i miss them.
Which add on i would need to install?


Hi again,
One more thing.
When a try to use “read more” to make short a simple text, it doesn´t work. The text keeps the same size even I put the tag. I don´t know how to fix.
Thanks in advance.


Hi. I don’t know if this is the right subject but i think so. I updated wp and since then the front end editor of visual composer does not wotk anymore (i bought total theme with vc license included). I tried to sort it out with replacing js code but i only broke it. It seems there is a fix but i cannot implement it. I am in loop with envato / wpbakery visual composer and total and everyone is redirecting me somewhere else. Very dissatisfied with service from all parties) is there someone who has got an answer???. Maybe there is a fix within wp enviroment or i am looking for complete js files to replace. I am not good enough with code to replace snippets . Please help!!!

It depends what you changed in the JS.

Generally issues with themes or bundled plugins ALL need to go via the theme author.

Nobody is responding. I cannot place a ticket because i have no support license anymore, but wtf i bought the theme an did not ask fot this so i recjon this should be standard service. So to come short: i am in a loop and there is no one to turn to. What do you advise? I need to build a site for a client and there no progress in resolving this issue in any way…

There is a message in the plug in overview that i need to update vc to 5.0. But when i click this link tjere is only vc buying info on theme forest. I cant update from wp and i cannot update total theme. I do have updated ep but that did not help. Is it wise to downgrade wp to get things into the old (working) release?

Thanks for reply btw

Updated wp i mean (typing on a dutch phone sorry)

Even without an active support subscription, you are still able to get all (future) updates for the theme. And the theme author is also responsible for providing you with an updated version of Visual Composer, as you received VC bundled with your theme.

Therefore, your only point of contact here is in fact the theme author. You did NOT purchase a license for Visual Composer itself, only the right to use VC as long as you keep using the theme on the same site. That means the author of VC is in no way responsible or required to provide you with any assistance or updates directly. If you want that, you need to in fact purchase your own license of VC.

But until then, everything has to happen via the theme (author); Envato’s license and support rules are quite clear here. And as stated, even if you don’t want to pay for extended support itself (after the first 6 month after purchase), you still get all theme updates for free, provided the theme author is still maintaining and updating the theme. But at the same time, a theme author is free to “abandon” a theme at any given time and is not actually required to publish new updates, but if they do, you will have access to them through Themeforest.

Yes. That is exactly what i was thinking. Total theme is still active but i just cannot reach the author of total. But still they should have support for this type of issue I reckon. Should it be solved by buying the vc plug in myself? Or do you think there is another solution? I am really stuck now and need to move forward. I think this a bizarre way of customer support or am i a simpleton somehow?

Without spending time looking st the setup, versions and knowing exactly what you changed it’s very difficult to advise on the best option but it would seem like:

  1. you update (irrelevant of support periods you still get updates) the theme and VC.

  2. you extend the support period and speak to the author. That said if your issues are down to changes you made then that may not fall under regular support.

  3. you look at and find a freelancer to fix it for you.

I would choose option 1 as that is a very strong theme and highly respected author who updated on yesterday according to the item page.

That should replace whatever JS you modified (assuming it was part of the theme or VC?) but again without seeing the site and checking in more detail noone in the forums can guarantee it will work.