Visual composer issue - help



for some reason it wont let me update I have 4.7 activated and have got 4.11 twice as i purchased another licence my mistake. My main problem seems to be since wordpress updated 4.7 struggles to load for ever - can anyone let me know what i am doing wrong, i tried to install the latest one using product key, licence . api blah blah blah but that comes up with invalid date.

help as i really need to finish my website.



The recent Wordpress update broke Visual Composer 4.7.

VC 4.11 is supposed to overcome this:

If you’re having problems undating to 4.11 and it’s urgent you finish your site, you could try downgrading to the previous version of Wordpress.

Otherwise, have you tried deactivating and deleting VC 4.7 and installing 4.11 from scratch?

Be careful though - I don’t know if this might have negative effect on your work so far. Try contacting the plug in author for their advice.