Conflict WordPress v4.6.1 and Visual Composer

Hi Authors,
Visual Composer doesn’t work anymore after WordPress update to 4.6.1.
Any thoughts om the solution?
Thanks in advance.

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Oh that’s wonderful - I was having enough problems with changing from one theme that uses VC to another that does too.

(Seeing totally different row options on the live version with the new theme, compared to what is on offer on the localhost version)

Now, with this, when I add an element - row with text box - the VC element above it disappears from he website, but not the backend editor.

End result is a massive headache :frowning:

I think the author of VC will resolve this issue in the next update :slight_smile:

Yes, I think so too. But when will the next update come out? Until then we can’t edit the site in a user friendly way…

Same problem here…client complains, so I guess the only option is to downgrade wordpress

Provided you are using the most current release of VC (v4.12.x), there shouldn’t be any issues with WP 4.6.1. I run multiple sites on multiple servers with WP 4.6.x (and even a 4.7 Beta) with VC without any problems.

Small corrections from my side. It works for pages, but not for portfolio items, blog items, testimonials… Total Theme is used and everything is up to date.

@PronkProfessionalOrg It is probably not enabled for some of the post types. Go to Visual Composer -> Role Manager in your dashboard and enable it for other post types.

@MNKY Thanks a lot for the tip. That was it! So simple as that.