Visual Composer needs updated possibly

I recently bought the Orion Press theme and I can’t for the life of me figure out where to open Visual Composer. I’ve used it before and normally there’s a little button floating around somewhere. The current version of VC is 5.0.1, maybe I need to update it to 5.1.1…But again, I need help with that too. I’ve uninstalled the plug in and reinstalled it using the bundle required plug in because I didn’t buy it myself, and it is still 5.0.1

Have you looked in the plugins list in your WP admin to make sure it is installed and active?

yes, it is installed and active. Hence me uninstalling and reinstalling.

Could be your hosting - what version PHP is it running?

Have you definitely got VC turned on for all pages/portfolio items etc?

Probably best option is to ask the author of the theme it came with

I can use the backend editor VC, I just can’t use the frontend. And using the backend is quite annoying

Definitely ask the author

Yeah I’ve started discovering A TON more issues with this theme. The support ticket was created as soon as I posted this, still no response. I hope I won’t have to force a refund, I really enjoy this theme.

Just in case I do need to get my money back from the author not responding, does anyone have an idea of a theme that is pretty similar? I would love to use this theme and make it work, but I’m having trouble finding anything remotely close.

This is my site to get an idea on what kind of site it is.