Visual Composer not working properly !!!

So Im trying to edit my site in Wordpress using the Visual Composer, all look fine when previewing it in a browser. But when I go in the Visualizer back-end mode; the elements seem to disappear and only show bits. Though when I click classic mode all the code is there. What could be the cause of this?



  1. Are you using a premium theme purchased from ThemeForest? Is so, I suggest to contact the author of the theme to give you a quick fix.

  2. If you are not using a premium theme, please disable all plugin and only leave activate the Visual Composer. I’m sure that there are some conflicts with other plugins.

Please let me know if one of my solutions worked.

  1. Check whether you are using the latest version
  2. Check it with Twenty Sixteen
  3. Check it by disabling all the plugins excerpt Visual Composer

Check the theme and plugin are up to date and check that you are running the required version of PHP on your hosting.