The7 theme Visual Composer not working after restoration

I recently restored my wordpress website (The7 theme) after restoration the visual composer stop working and dont know what went wrong. Can anyone help me?

How did you restored? Did you get any errors also try to look in the console (F12) to see if you have anything in red there.

I just installed wordpress and then uploaded the whole The7 theme folder in the theme folder and then retored the MySql database file

Describe in more details what is not working correctly also did you looked in the console (make some screenshots).

After restoration I login into wp-admin and when I try to open any page the visual composer is trying to show the elements but the process wheel is just turning in a infinite loop then I have to click the “Classic editor” to show the page content to edit.

Check what the notice from above will show you - "Live composer … ".

this is another plugin I installed but this one is just adding new elements not modify or show other elements already there in the page

Then the only way is to look in the console too see what errors are there (press F12) if you use chrome or firefox.

If you’re interested in :