Visual Composer Issues on Flash - Responsive WordPress Theme

Need help as soon as possible. I’ve already reached out to the visual composer author and Envato - still haven’t been able to get a hold of Designare (the theme author).

I designed my site via a local install of WordPress, using visual composer on the back end and everything worked fine. When I uploaded my site to the live server (via GoDaddy) I was no longer able to access the visual composer plugin in the backend and therefore can’t make any edits to my site. I don’t have too much coding knowledge, and definitely not enough to edit the existing elements in the code.

So what I’ve been told thus far is: “The issue is because there is a Visual Composer related code present in your theme added by the theme author. You will have to get rid of it. I would advise you to do so with the help of theme author, otherwise you might loose the extra elements added by him. Once this is done, you can install the standalone plugin and it will work fine. This code is added by the theme author via the theme files and hence we are not aware of it’s location.”

So because I cannot get into contact with the author, can anyone share a resolution to my problem?

If you have used this theme before: What did you do to fix the issue with Visual Composer?

If you have used Visual Composer before: Should I just get a new theme and continue to use VC on that? If so, will I have to redesign my entire site on the new theme?

Any help you have would be great. The link to my site is:


They are gone! I have been trying to refund my theme with Envato but cant. The best thing to do is deactivate and delete your outdated plugin and buy it separately WP Visual Composer