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We are having a reoccuring issue in our Wordpress website with Visual Composer. It keeps repeatedly crashing. Basically it needs a software upgrate/update through Wordpress, however when we click on the link it crashes! Because we do not have the software direct, we have it through Wordpress we can’t go direct to the developers… so we are struggling! I’ve posted in the help forum of Wordpress, but no-one has answered!

We are having a real issue with this and can’t seem to get it resolved. Is anyone able to help?

Thanks for reading.

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You have to update it manually, means:

Get the latest version

Installation can be done:

  • Through FTP upload
  • WP administration -> remove old plugin -> install new version

Edit: ask the developer of your side.

Hi I have purchased a Theme from Envato and I have included the “free use” of your plugin Visual Composer (with no access to the template and anything else!). However it happened many times that due to the updates I could not reach for weeks the author who suppose to be responsible for the updating. I have experience ridiculous time to work with your plugin which is super slow. So I am not sure it depends on the license type or to the coding programming structure. Since my terrible experience however I would like to purchase a copy of the plugin so I do not have to ask the author to update the plugin and finally assess the quality of this program and decide to keep it or change it. Please can you provide information on how to proceed and where to purchase (which means not through en…to). Thank you.

VC is only available via envato

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Why I would buy from Envato once again? I have been asking money back from my last purchase of a useless theme full of bugs and no decent support (even extended)! I do not receive update for anything installed on that template!

Hello, please how do i get post block add on for visual composer (VC)? I bought the impreza theme which came with slider revolution and visual composer. But unfortunately i can’t find a “post block” addon in the VC. I need this addon to organize the contents of my website.