Visual composer is not working

I just updated the wordpress and plugins to the latest versions. And the the
showcase visual composer stopped working. It keeps asking for activate Visual composer to latest version
What am I missing here. I use Escape theme. And I have also bought the visual composer plugin
for some time back. Is there any way to get all this working again?


What is the exact error you’re receiving? It is related to the activation or to the update?

The Visual Composer plugin has a friendly support team which can help better with issues like this one, you can contact them on their support website here:

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It ask me activation key while updating, which I think I don’t have.

If you bought the Visual Composer separately, you definitely have access to the activation key and the plugin’s support team will help with getting it :slight_smile:

Otherwise, if the Visual Composer came included (bundled) in a theme you purchased from ThemeForest, then it’s the theme author you should contact for support regarding the update/keys.

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Visual Composer came with bundled in a theme.
Thanks.I will try to contact with them then.

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