Visual Composer Activation

Visual Composer came with bundled theme I purchased last time. how can I have activation key to update Visual composer as its not working without it.

You don’t get an activation license for bundled plugins.

It still works as required - it just means that you cannot apply auto updates etc.

The author of the theme holds the license and will be responsible for uploading updates

When I tried to edit my page…It’s showing HTML codes instead of visual editor

You can still activate the plugin without the license code - the code is only necessary for auto updates and certain demo content

Whats the reason for this appearing

Looks like plugin is not activated - can you screenshot the plugins page?

In which case it could be a conflict with another plugin or the new WP version (either way you should download the latest version of the theme package and try to update the plugin)

Also check

Solved the problem with installing classic editor.
Thanks for help…