Visual Composer with the7 theme, where is the activation key???

Hi, I’ve just purchased the7 theme and the VC was supposed to be included in the bundle but I cannot activate it.
Does anyone know where this key is hidden? and it didn’t activate itself after 30 mins either.
I cannot activate through WP as it wasn’t purchased separately and Envato doesn’t see that as a separate download.

Any ideas?

Because you received VC bundled with your theme, you do NOT receive a license key for VC (or any other bundled plugin). You are allowed to use VC without needing an actual license AS LONG AS you also actively use The7 theme on the same site, as the theme author is providing VC to you via extended license.

The moment you switch to another theme, that does not provide a bundled version of VC, you are legally required to purchase your own license of VC, if you want to continue using it.

Having your own license for VC (or other bundled) plugins provides you with direct access to updates and support from the respective plugin author. Otherwise, all plugin updates and support related to the bundled plugin will be provided by the theme author instead, albeit with delays and obviously not as detailed, as the actual plugin author could.

Bundled plugins don’t give you the license key.

It is still the same plugin, still works as needed - you just can’t activate things like auto updates. That needs to be updated by the theme author.

Thank you Tekanewa,

But I haven’t switched to another site/theme, I only use the7 theme. What’s
the best way to find that activation key then?


Thank you,
I have no access to demo library which would be quite useful for me. Who is
the author of the theme? How do I find him?


Ask the author here

Thank you, I’ve already sent them an email. I can see that lots of people
have the same problem but I haven’t found yet any solution on the forum.

As stated, you do not have a license/activation key for Visual Composer. You are only allowed to use VC as long as you keep using the theme as well. All you have is a license/activation key for the theme itself and that one will NOT work for any of the bundled plugins, but only for theme related features. You can retrieve your license/activation key for the theme by going to the “Downloads” item in your Envato menu (go to your username in the top right corner of your screen).

The “Downloads” page gives you access to every purchased item on Envato and will provide you with several download options for each item, including the license certificate.

Tekanewa, thank you for your response but I don’t think you understood me.
Let me explain again: Here’s the the theme I’ve purchased. As the "box"
says full version of VC plugin is included, so I do have a licence for it
unless there’s a small print somewhere:

I know where to find the key for my theme; that is easy. My question is: if
the VC is included, where is the activation key for it?

The plug in (VC) is not listed as a separate download as it was part of the
package which is why I cannot get the key from my downloads.

Can you advise?

many thanks,

Unfortunately, you are the one not fully understanding the license regulations as it relates to plugins that are bundled with a theme.

You as the theme buyer do NOT receive a separate license for the bundled plugins, and therefore do not receive a license/activation key for said plugins. You are receiving the plugin via extended license through the theme author, with the permission to use the plugin. That permission is tied to you using the theme that bundled said plugin as well, as the usage right expires the moment you switch to a different theme.

You can learn more about bundled plugins here:

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Tekanewa, sorry but I’ve never switched to a different theme, I’ve already
said that several times. I’ve been trying to set up the7 and keep receiving
notification that the VC plug in is not activated. So my question, again:
how do I activate the VC plug in which was purchased together with the


One the plugin is installed then it will work as required with no further action needed.

The “not activated” message only refers to the auto updates feature which is not included as part of a bundled plugin - this does not impact how the plugin works or functions in anyway.

I’ve also contacted the author who provided me with the link that says that
I need to activate the plug in (which is impossible) or to purchase the
licence separately although I’ve already purchased the plug in with the
theme as a bundle.

I’m not sure I understand the logic of selling the7 theme with the VC
plugin as a “great deal” if VC is not fully usable unless I pay extra $40

Any advice will be very much appreciated.


but will I be able to update this plug in the future? It keep asking for activation code. So the plugin I’ve purchased is not a full version of it? Would you advice to buy it separately to have it fully working? There are several features that can only be access after the activation of the product.

You won’t be able to update it yourself but the theme (that it came with) author will provide updated versions for you to install. That’s he only restriction on the license

ok thanks, do you have a direct contact to the author? would that be the the7’s website? or themeforrest? or dreamtheme support? or envato? I’ve been getting replies from many directions and I’m not sure who is the author and best point of contact.

Follow instructions and sign into their support would be best.

Envato will email you update alerts as and when they make changes to include the newer versions of plugins/theme

They are a very established and respected author team so you shouldn’t have any issues

ok, thank you.

Please read the official documentation from Envato regarding bundled plugins (I provided a link in my last reply already), which clearly states that bundled plugins do NOT need to be activated, even if they are asking for a license/activation code, because you will NOT receive a license code for a bundled plugin.

thank you Tekanewa, I’m aware of that, but there are some features that I’m
not able to use because that plug in is not activated such as web skins
templates librarary; so basically if the plug in is bundled is not the same
deal as buying it separately which would help if it was stated somewhere
before people purchase the theme otherwise is a kind of not positive,
unexpected surprise.
thank you for your effort to clarify that.