visual composer activation key missing

Hey guys,

my problem is i buyed a theme( Startit) withs regular license and cant activate visual composer because the key not in.

theme is installed
all plugins installed
new wordpress version.

need help.

You can use the VC but if you want to activate, you need to purchase the license separately.

As @ki-themes said you can still use the plugin just not activate auto-update features etc.

With bundled plugins if there is an update for the plugin then the author of the theme will update via the theme.

can you help me to fix it ??

Actually, there is no need for a “fix”, because nothing is broken, and bundled plugins do not require license. Please see bundled plugin policy:

License is not necessary, it is just for auto updates. If you want auto updates for Visual Composer plugin, you will have to buy its single license. Otherwise theme author is responsible to provide you updated plugin each time Visual Composer releases a new update.