The new visual composer lacks buttons and elements.

When updating my web with Wordpress, errors appeared in the Visual Composer file, in addition to the fact that the plugin did not work.
I decided to buy the Visual Composer update in Codecayon to solve these errors without success (I have a license) .
The WPBakery Team informed me that I had to create again the buttons and elements that did not work with the new Visual Composer.
When trying to create the new buttons, I notice that the new Visual Composer is missing elements like: Button, Single image, Image Gallery, Row, Porfolio Grid, Etc.
From the Team of WPBakery Team they tell me about:
“The elements are already present in the plugin at your end. But, as suggested earlier, they are disabled by the theme author using vc_remove_element. You should get in touch with the theme author and get rid of the function vc_remove_element from the theme, to get the elements back at your end”.
In summary, I do not know how to solve this problem so that the necessary elements appear in the new Visual Composer installed and to be able to update my WEB.
Can you help me?. Where can I go to solve this?
Thanks and regards!
Eduard Rebull - [email removed by mod]

Hello Eduard (@canrebu)

As WPBakery Team already mentioned, you should contact the author of the theme. Which theme are you using? Is it from Themeforest? If yes, this is a very short help article explaining how you can contact the theme author:

I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks evada for your response and help.
The creation of Wordpress was done with IMPREZA, not with Themeforest.
Following your indications I have entered the Link that you indicate and I have created a post in “submit an request”, in the section “Looking for help?”.
I have quoted the same previous text to see what they tell me … have I done it well?
Thank you very much for your help. The truth is that I’m pretty lost and I do not know where I need to ask for help.
Thanks again and sorry to explain me so badly.
If you come up with any other solution I would be very grateful!
Eduard Rebull.

Yes :slight_smile:, definitely!

I also had some issues in the past using some visual editors, it always depends on the website configuration, plugins used, theme used, server settings, code you wrote…so it’s hard to tell. The reply from support should come soon, I’m sure they will help.

Something I do often when I have errors with visual editors is to switch to code view, copy all the content (code from code view) and create a new page, paste the copied content and try from scratch. But I cannot guarantee it will work with all visual editors or in all cases.

All the best :wink:

Thank you very much hevada for your cooperation and great help !!!

In this case I will wait for the answer of support, since I am missing many buttons and complements to be able to create a new page.

Thanks and regards!

Eduad Rebull.

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