NO LICENSES FOUND - Visual Composer Problem

I purchased “BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme” and Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress.

I uploaded BeTheme and installed Visual Composer. I then read “Hola! Would you like to receive automatic updates and unlock premium support? Please activate your copy of Visual Composer.” and click yes.

I then get a page that states No Licenses Found and now I am stuck. I have deleted the plugin and re-installed the plugin. Same issue. Any ideas? Thanks!

You don’t get licenses for the plugins updates need to come via the author of the theme

I understand that the plugin was bundled with the theme; however, I then purchased the plugin from Theme forest as well.

Make sure you are using the correct license code for the plugin purchase >> click download >> use “License certificate & purchase code”

Out of interest why buy the plugin separately when it comes with the theme?

I think I made a mistake buying it separate. When I installed the theme it said install this list of plugins and then activate the plugins. When I did that it said “Hola! Would you like to receive automatic updates and unlock premium support? Please activate your copy of Visual Composer.”

So, I clicked the blue activate button because it said In order to receive all benefits of Visual Composer, you need to activate your copy of the plugin. By activating Visual Composer license you will unlock premium options - direct plugin updates, access to template library and official support.

Once I did that it came to a page with NO LICENSES FOUND. So I then hit the buy now button. I hope this makes a bit of sense.

Sounds like you may have nought it unnecessarily but you will need to p/code from that purchase.

Go to your downloads page and see if you have BOTH the theme AND the plugin list as purchases.

  • If you do: Get the p/code from the Plugin NOT the Theme
  • If you don’t have both and only the theme then you are still only using the bundled version without the update access

You are correct. I have both. So, should I download the non bundled Visual Composer and upload that?

The problem is that the one with the theme has probably been customized for the benefit of the theme so installing the other version may cause other issues.

Plus I don’t know what would happen trying to apply a purchase license code for the full plugin when using a bundled version (in theory it would be fine but have never tried it).

Perosnally I would leave it alone. You can still use VC (that came with the theme) and if there are updates then the author of the theme will provide those.

If you have not yet downloaded the full version of the plugin then you may also be entitled to a refund against it.

Thank you very much for the information. I will not use the product, but keep the product as I deem both the theme and the plugin as excellent items.