Bought Theme with visual composer. Needed further functionalities and bought visual composer license. help

So, as I said in the title.

I bought a theme with Visual Composer, building up the site I needed options beyond the ones provided by my theme so I directly bought a license from Visual Composer.

I tried to activate my license but NO LICENSE FOUND appears on

Tried to find further information on the subject and no luck.
Help please.

I am also extremely frustrated with getting support for Visual Composer via Uxbarn / for the Fineliner theme I purchased from them in August 2015. Visual Composer no longer works inside the theme. Thinking I needed to buy my own Visual Composer license to get it to work I shelled out $35 or so to buy it but that did not fix the problem. I reached out to the Visual Composer developer and they told me it is the theme developer that needs to resolve the issue. I try to submit a ticket with the theme developer - Uxbarn - and I can’t submit the support request (and I ALSO PAID $43 for an ADDITIONAL 6 MONTHS OF SUPPORT) because their ticket system says that the purchase ID I have from Envato for the theme is not recognized. Banging my head against the wall and feel like strangling someone.

You’re getting an error or something ?
E-mail at, I will look up the issue and come with some possible solutions :wink:

Did anyone answer this question? 7/25/17 - Same issue. I cannot get the “Activate Visual Composer” to work. I also went ahead and purchased a license in case that was the issue but that doesn’t seem to work either.

You’re best bet is to reach out to @WPbakery directly via their item comments section, here:

Hi. I’ve just taken over managing a website with Visual Composer 4.1.2 on it. There’s no plugin-upgrade button. Going to the plugin site details takes me to @wpbakery who say I should just get the latest version of Page Builder instead - but that first I should check that it will work with Unicon Theme. Right now if we remove the old Visual Composer plugin it kills the site. WPBakery says Unicon devs may have changed some Visual Composer files so we should check with Unicon devs first before upgrading.

So if we remove this old version of Visual Composer and replace it with the latest Page Builder, will our Unicon-based site still work? Is there any process or anything we should know before attempting this? I’ve looked at many other threads but they are years old and not helpful.