CodeCanyon Visual Composer license key



Hi, I 'm trying to update Visual Composer: i download and upload the fix and i want to add the licence in the plugin setting.
Where i can find it? i used this plugin in many themes (all of them have it included)


You won’t get a license if you got the plugin with the theme, if you would like a license you would need to buy the plugin separately.


thanks, but the fix works also with the theme where the plugin is included?



in the plugin list check you have got version 4.7.4 of Visual composer, if not then you should be able to download a copy along with your theme from, then take the plugin out of the zip file and overwrite the existing files (you won’t lose any data).


ok, i have 4.3.x and uploaded the fix. All works and i musnt use the license key, is it right?


no, you won’t have a license key unless you buy one separately… you will get warnings about the plugin needing a license key but it’s not a major issue.


ok thanks :slight_smile:



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