visual composer license key

How can I find the visual composer license key?
I have tried many times unsuccessfully

Go to Downloads! Then click on the download button of Visual Composer. You’ll see all files & documentation and License certificate and purchase code. Click on the latter one. Open up the downloaded file and you’ll see it written somewhere.

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I bought from you this template:

It includes Visual composer plugin.

Where can I find License Key?

Please, let me know as soon as possible.




If Visual Composer is included into a theme that you’ve purchased, then you don’t need to register and get the license of Visual Composer.

For support, you should contact the author of the theme directly.

I hope that helps.



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Thanks for your quick reply.

But in the Wordpress panel referred to this plugin it seems that License activation is requested…

Below “Envato Username” and “Secret API Key”

there’s this form:

Please enter your CodeCanyon Visual Composer license key, you can find your key by following the instructions on this page. License key looks similar to this: [License key].

What can i do?



This option is only for users who’ve purchased Visual Composer directly from CodeCanyon. As I said on my previous post, you should ignore this message if you have Visual Composer as a part of your theme :slight_smile:




Thanhk for you help, now Visual Composer works very well! :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the Revolution Slider plugin.

I’m editing this template:

I want to Import the slider and the slides that I see on the top of the page and edit it. But where can I find the .zip file with these slider and slides? In which folder of the template files can I find it?

Thanks for your help!



You may find the support information for this theme here:

Please contact the author and hopefully they will help you soon :slight_smile:



I think I have a similar problem.
I bought a theme (WPLMS Learning Management System) and when I was trying to update Visual Composer it asked me to put license key, but I don’t have it, or don’t know where to get it?

I found where you can purchase it from, but from what I understand from the posts above the license should have come with the purchase of the theme?

From the download files (the theme’s files) there is a “EvatoMarket License Certificate” file in which there is an item “Item Purchase Code”, now this code looks similar to what a Visual Composer license key should look like, but even if I use it it does not work …

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



I have the visual composer on the theme I have purchased, but when I’m going to edit the page and change something, then for mobile devices looks completely distorted. Any suggestions?


You have to use the Visibility Element. Add one (for mobile) which should be set to “hidden desktop”. Then add a text specifically the size you want. Then do the same for desktop version only set it to “hidden mobile”.

I came here first, then went to theme support about the fact that I installed the theme and cannot active visual composer because it’s asking me for a license. Support sends me the link back here which, from what I can see, offers zero assistance. I just bought this yesterday and I think I will ask for a refund. What is the point of buying a product that doesn’t have all of the moving parts functioning?

Check his link

You have the item and all the parts you just can’t activate bundled plugins - updates are delivered by the author of the theme it came with. It still works as it should do etc.


I also have the same problem. I purchased the EduPro theme which includes visual composer. Their sales page says I am saving $34 by doing so. If you look at Visual Composer Pricing a regular licence costs $34 so expect I am getting the regular licence features.

After installing the EduPro theme I can use visuual Composer but I cannot access any of the approx 60 templates that come along with a regular licence unless I activate it. But I cannot as it came within a theme.

So how do I access the templates…

Hi, I have the same problem. Someone can help me please ? When I go on Visual Composer and want to download template from library, it tells me that it is only available for visual composer activated version. What should I do ? I’m lost…


Templates tend to only be avaliable to full license purchases and not bundled plugins

Sorry charlie4282 but I don’t understand. I buy a theme for 49 dollars. Without this visual composer licence, I can do nothing. How is this possible ? I want to buy the elixir restaurant html template to use it but without the visual composer licence, I can’t

Please help…

Hi caseynyncy, I have the same problem. So what did you do ? I’m completely lost…

HTML templates do not work with WordPress or WordPress Plugins

You have to buy the WordPress version

Once you have that then you get access to use Visual Composer and recreate the versions of the theme you see in the demo.

You do not get your own license for Visual Composer and as such do not get certain features of this e.g. auto updates (the theme author needs to provide updates), the full VC template library (beyond what’s in the theme demo)etc.

More info

The plugin still works as expected and as necessary without needing to ‘activate’ it

Did you manage to get your secret API?