Cannot find the Visual Composer License Key

I bought the Visual Composer plugin and I’m trying to download the license key for it. The instructions point to this page…

These instruction do NOT work as it’s outdated. I’m surprise that the author has not updated this.

Thanks for any advise on this.

The instructions are still correct … the only difference is, that instead of just “License Key”, you have now two download options for the license key:

  1. License certificate & purchase code (PDF)
  2. License certificate & purchase code (text)

But as far as how to get to the downloads, the instructions provided by WPBakery are still valid, even if their screenshot is a little outdated in terms of current Envato styling, the steps provided still apply:

  1. Log into your CodeCanyon account
  2. Click on your user name on the top right screen corner
  3. Click on “Downloads” in the popup menu
  4. Find “Visual composer” in the listing of your purchases
  5. Click on the “Download” button provided for the item
  6. Select the appropriate download option
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