VideoHive Watermark

Hey guys, new to envito. I noticed that a high number of the videohive preview videos does not have the videohive watermark. Can one get away with not including the watermark? I think it gets in the way of my graphics!!!

Only Motion Graphics and Stock Footages categories require watermarked preview videos. there is no need to watermark the other categories preview videos.

If you see Motion Graphics and Stock Footages preview videos without watermark, I think you need to report them to the Help Center.

Hey OsamaSayegh,
Thanks for your reply. I am referring to the motion video preview videos on Videohive. I cannot see a watermark on most of them. Am I missing something?

Most of them?!! I’m looking right now at the most recent approved Motion Graphics preview videos and all of them have the watermark. where do you see those unwatermarked preview videos?

I am talking about the After Effect project file previews. Am I missing something?

Yes, it seems like you didn’t get my first post, there is no need to add the watermark to After Effects templates preview videos. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks so much. That’s good news for me. Appreciate your response. Have a great day

No worries :smile: