Do you have to put a watermark or does it automatically?

Before they accepted everything I sent, now they reject everything. In rejections I read that a watermark is missing, is it necessary to add a watermark to the footage or does the system do it automatically?

Hi. I answered in your other post. You have to place Envato watermark on your video preview, it’s not automatic. In the other post I gave you a link with all the rquirements to submit a file.

Hola, creo que estás equivocado. Antes sí que había que presentar un video con marca de agua en una resolución menor, pero hace tiempo que modificaron el formulario de presentyación de footage y no hay opción de poner un video de vista previa. Creo que lo hace el sistema de forma automática. Estoy hablando de footage no de proyectos de after effects

Hola. Esto es lo q aparece cuando buscas en el Help Center de Envato acerca de cargar footage o motion graphics, y no es automático. No se de otra cosa mas alla de esto:

Aquí dice q es requerida la marca de agua (tal cual la provee Envato) en video previews de 1920x1080 para footage

That note was last updated two years ago. The
Upload of After Effects Project Files is the old one, where you can upload a preview, but the upload of footage is new from a year or two ago, I invite you to do a simulation of uploading footage and see it

In your other post there’s an explanation from @johnnybd. I guess it’s the best one:
“if you upload your .MOV files via and choose Upload CLIPS it will be done automatically .
However, if you choose FTP - you will have to upload .zip files, and attach the watermark yourself.
For AE projects you won’t need a watermark for the preview.”

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Yes, I think that is the correct answer, I really appreciate it, I had not seen the other post, Thanks!