Problem with video preview.

Hello, the first time I uploaded motion graphics footage using a new upload page and I have some troubles. When I use this upload page I can’t upload video previews and I can’t choose thumble, they are loaded automatically. But after automatically downscaling the video glitches.

Here is how ith looks in original

And here is how it looks when i play the preview.

I can change the preview using the Edit tab, but do I need to put a watermark on the new preview or will Envato add the watermark automatically?

I am writing here because I need an answer quickly. This footage is already approved so I need to fix the preview ASAP.

Yes, you have to put the watermark. Envato will not add the watermark automatically.

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That’s not true.
You don’t have to give a watermark. Envato will add this to your preview.

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This is one of my motion graphic item, which one I have update the preview video without the watermark… And envato didn’t add watermark. Still this item preview video has no watermark. You can check it.

that’s right :slightly_smiling_face: If you edit your preview later, it will be whatever you add. So if you add without a watermark, it will be like that.

after updating the video is cut off from the bottom of the screen when playing and the watermark is not in the center of the screen (as I understand it, because the video is not 16x9) :rofl: