videohive series opening licenses

Hi, i used regular licenses from videohive after effect project for series same opening on all episodes will broadcast on TV , What kind of license do i need?

How far i know getting single license would pretty much get the job done.

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Extended license is needed for this, one is enough, though, as long as there are less than 52 episodes and they are aired within one year.

Creattive might be right you know!

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No, it is an extended license for TV Shows.

Which license do I need to use an item in a film or broadcast TV (excluding ads)?

If the end product is a broadcast TV show or a movie, you need the Extended License.

Found in the license FAQs:

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When did they change that? It always used to be just if the end user was charged, which is still a stipulation, but it never included a blanket coverage of TV shows. I mean, if a free to watch tv network hire me to make a tv show for them, then they are my client (use by you or one client) and the end users aren’t being charged… so previously that was fine. Now it’s not… so seperate parts of the license conflict. But still, you think they would have announced something like that.

To the OP… yeah, extended for tv apparently!

It has always been like that (I think), in the FAQs is also this sentence that might explain it a bit more:

Even using an After Effects template on a TV show on a free-to-air channel requires an Extended License, because the end product is the show and that is being sold to the network.

So they say the “end product” is in fact sold - to the broadcast network. That is partly in line with the general wording, but I think in some places they are talking about the end user, not the end product. And end user will not be paying in that instance.

I agree it is a mess, but as far as I can remember this has been like this back in 2012 when I joined the marketplace.

I mean it does make sense, though, a show that is aired on broadcast TV will have the budget to pay for extended license. We don’t have to devalue our work with big clients. Audiojungle in fact handles this much better, having different licenses for different audience sizes. Over there they have to pay hundreds of dollars for a broadcast license.

With the general rule of thumb of “free to watch = regular license” this does get messy, though.

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