VideoHive Rejected My Ramadan Opener?

Hi Everybody,
Can anyone tell me why Videohive rejected my openers?
Even many customers like it and want to be listed


Many Thanks


the render quality is good but i don’t like the animation at all you need to improve camera motions and change overs

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If you have many customers that want it you can sell it directly to them.

Anyway, the shadows are good, but for example the metal texture is really basic, and the harsh reflections are pretty bad too. Camera is moving a bit too fast, and the transition between angles is not necessary

Sky is really low resolution, and it doesnt seem to be interracting with the geometry in any way. It also has a different frame rate than the render? A simple blue gradient could’ve been better.

You can frame out the logo more at the end by using depth of field blur on the geometry behind.

The birds also look you keyed out some birds from some stock footage, and they’re pretty low resolution as well.

With all that being said, I DO like it. It’s a pretty ambitious scene, that most authors usually shy away from creating usually. I’m sure that if you make more projects, try to learn as much as you can and come back in a year, you’d do a much better job. I hope my criticism doesn’t discourage you.

It’s pretty hard to get 3D projects approved on VH. They have to be REALLY good, and making a good 3D project requires a lot of time and effort, thats why you don’t see many on VH. So don’t worry about it, practice and you’ll get there!


To be honest… it looks like very old TV channel title. I saw the similar titles 15 years ago. Sky looks very artificial and too bright. And sky strobes like it is 12 fps. Color gamma is too grey (dark shadows). Transition looks bad. And there is no place for some text or website address

Thanks for you opinion but you’re overreacting mate We don’t have same customers and all I do I follow my customers requests before make projects… unfortunately they don’t like pixels transitions and teenagers intro like yours some people are so lucky to get approval

Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate that :pray:t3:

Thank you and I will do my best to follow your advice to avoid rejections in future and improve my projects

Many Thanks :pray:t3: