Look at my videos! But always hard rejected. Please comment


I dont understand. I work for stock sites for ten years. I worked for istock, gettyimages etc. My some files saled more then 1000+… But same file dont accepted videohive. Your criters unbelievable. I am unhappy. Please tell us why?

You only say; it is dont seem quality etc. But my projects selling +1000 for other stock sites.

Please look at my videos and tell me why?

hard rejected.


Text is too big and the rotation feels unnaturaly. Also for such a 3d and dynamic project youd have more succes using element 3d to generate actual 3D extruded text.

Fractal in the background should be more subtle it’s a little distracting


Thank you so much dear voxyde. If I remake like as your style, they maybe accept?


I’m not sure if I understood your reply correctly, but don’t just copy someones whole style and expect to get accepted. It’s ok and totally understandable if you try to imitate some effect or some part of the effect that you like and want to use in your project. It’s natural to be inspired by a movie, video or someones project on vh, but don’t take someones style, or the whole concept and apply to your work. Voxyde is trying to help you by giving advice and you basically just said “I’ll just remake it as your style”. Nobody wants to be copied and nobody likes copycats :slight_smile: Take the advice and apply it in your own way. Try to be original as much as possible :wink:

I’m sorry if I misunderstood what you were trying to say :slight_smile:
Good luck with your work :wink:


It is excellent, but vHive is getting almost like working for an Ad House, imagine a creative coming back with adjustments… but in their case they just say rejected unfortunately. Most often it takes just a couple fine tweaks or adjustments and you’re good to go. Don’t feel like the whole project is rejected, just some elements… Almost always, your new project will mean more sales. From what I see…the Text seems a little flat, and needs some variety or innovation on how it is revealed and dissolved.


:)) I think you dont understand me. Sorry. It is my mistake. My ennglish is not welll yet. I want to say that “If I will change my project file like as your comment” :)) So, If I accept your comments and I will try to change my same project.

I never want to make a copy any project. I think my project very original :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment dear MotionDominance


Thank you so much dear MoveNshake. Your comment given to me more motivetion. I understand. I will remake it. I hope next time they willl accept. But I understood. They are very difficult.