Hard rejection

Hi people. Can some one help me understand this.

I’ve submitted this motion graphics templates and was approve

Fight Night Promo Text Boxing Ring Round #1 by mukiventure | VideoHive

Then I submitted the project file including tutorials etc so the buyer can edit the text if possible

But it was hard rejected that it’s low quality.

I am new here so still very confused . Any help?


Hi. Honestly, if you uploaded an After Effects project version of this motion graphics, I think quality is low. It has almost no motion (just the zoom and the text emerging from the floor). And the 3D quality is very basic and outdated in my opinion. There’s a lot to improve about 3D on that work.
Keep working!
Good luck!

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Hi. Not sure if you understood me correctly or read my bellow text properly.

The art work was created to be simple and basic. So when u talking about old I am not sure what u talking about?

You actually don’t have to respond to stuff you do do not no much about dude.

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You need to include the tutorial videos in this project. You should not submit it as a separate project.

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You wanted feedback and I gave it to you.
I don’t understand this: “You actually don’t have to respond to stuff you do do not no much about dude.”
When I say outdated 3D I’m talking about style, text extrusion, font, camera move. You tried to make some 3D there, but not well executed to be an After Effects Project with good quality, at least that’s my opinion. Maybe other authors can say something more to help you understand.


I think those who accepted videohive projects found the time machine.


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Hi. The thing is that he/she uploaded this work as motion graphics background and it was approved. Then he uploaded the project version with turorials of this very same motion graphics, and this AE project was rejected because of low quality.

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I didn’t know that background videos like this were accepted. interesting