Lol ! They rejected saying its outdated

Please let me know what you guys think , I got the feedback from the review team that the overall design is outdated

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I think but not sure that you video see as fast and other movie violence, it not can sell, regards.

Hey there
Thanks for your reply but I don’t think it should be the case because I have seen many videos like this used for preview purposes on Videohive Templates .

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I not know videohive becuase never sell :frowning: I would help you :slight_smile: regards.

p.s: I hope solution your video other author

It needs more dynamics. Now it seems static after the titles came in. And the background needs more works. There are same style trailers in vh that you can watch and improve your design. That is just my 2 cents.
Good luck buddy :slight_smile:

It looks really outdated

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for improvements …