My last video

"Comments from your Quality team

Upon review, we have come to the conclusion that your video does not meet our current standards of motion graphics and over all usefulness of the video itself. Thank you for your submission."

this video -

Are you seriously? You have a lot of content without taste Made schoolchildren , without compositing and in violation of all laws , but it is for you is not a good picture or not useful ?

there is a sense that your employees on a motion graphics soap in the eyes

Well it looks good, but not as good as your other projects, checked your portfolio on VH. I guess the point is that it really can’t be used for something, can’t think of the way of use of the giant bubble in the end. Yet first seconds when drops are only start forming are interesting. Maybe you can make a series of clips from it. Also if you can add more dramatic look with colorization and some light it will looks much better.

Don’t be so angry, a lot of people get rejects here, cheer up and just find a way to make your footages blow reviewer away from his chair. Good luck!

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