Hard Reject for Ramadan opener, I Really Need Some Feedback

Hello everyone,
Got rejected this item.

Ramadan Opener

I really need feedback as to why this is rejected.
Would you please help me to find out the reasons?

Thank You

Türkümüsün ?

The video link not working

NO Bro, Im not Turkey.

Still not working got this error message :sweat_smile: ((( " An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: tp3QeqK3eR23hsNt) )))

In my opinion animation is too basic and simple for Videohive. Try to watch other Ramadan projects already approved and you´ll see the differences. You need more motion work, not just flat images moving and simple camera moves. I hope this helps.
Good luck and keep working!

I like the design, but weird camera angles, every thing js still. And adding a close shot of lantern in the begining will also work.