Got Hard Rejection 😞

Can anyone tell me what was the problem in this project?

Hi, it’s waaay too basic in design and animation and brings nothing new. Check out the competing, already approved promo opener projects on videohive and then you’ll see the complexity and originality level you need to reach for an approval. Good luck! :wink:

Thanks man for your suggestion. It will be helpful for me. :+1:

Wandering why, it’s masterpiece

Hmm… really strange cause I love it!

Thanks for appreciation my project. Bad luck for me to get rejection on this project. :unamused: @3eka @Heat1N

Maybe because you made a 90% copy from this: Promo Opener by motionbeard | VideoHive but its only my opinion. Anway the animation is too slow, i don’t feel the dynamic. Try to insert to the project some own ideas, speed up the motion, re-keyframing and upload again.