Hard rejection opener

Hi.Recently began to be engaged in video. All my projects are rejected. I can’t see my mistakes. I would be grateful for your advice and help

Hi! If you want other forum members give you advice, first you should show preview of your rejected projects.

Yes, sure. trying to figure out how to insert a video preview here

You can upload your videos to YouTube and then post links here

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I have no doubts about the basic logic of your project, but everything seems to be oversimplifying and repeating. such projects may not be accepted because they do not add diversity to the market. For this reason, you should compare your project with the latest trend or other best-selling projects and clearly understand where there are missing or differences.


Yes. It is extremely simple and does not bring anything new to the market.

Sorry, but I don’t really understand you. I look at other people’s work and can not see what you are talking about. yes, the works look great, they are dynamic and very high quality. I cannot understand what “new to the market” means.

Yes, I am aware of this strange situation. Sometimes odd projects are acceptable.

This is the case of the project reviewers,

33% Project standards
33% Quality requirements
33% might consider it their own initiative.

(This is not a clear thing, I’m just saying based on my high estimates.)

Instead of questioning why it was accepted here, you should start doing more excellent work.

In this process, more than 50 of my projects have been rejected so far. This rate becomes 50% after a certain point, you stop asking about it and now the quality standard becomes a skill and your projects are automatically accepted. Continue until this process.

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Hey, you basically added in some extremely simple texts with the most basic animations possible + overlaid the most cliché effect available - lens flare, which I assume wasn’t even created by you.

I mean there’s nothing for why I would buy this - there’s practically no intricately designed text layouts, no fancy effects, graphics or animations. Every beginner editor could create such an opener very quickly themselves. In fact, they could make a better one with the built-in text templates… You have to step up majorly in design, animation, complexity, and originality aspects.

You probably also need to revisit or first learn design and animations basics too, combined with watching lots of industry-leading motion design work on Behance. As you seem completely unaware of what you created now and where it stands in the context of this whole industry.

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I did all the effects on the video. I understand what you are talking about. However, in that case, I have a question for you. Looking through the new accepted works, there are quite simple works (with simple text transitions, video transitions)

My question is as follows. What you wrote is my only problem?

Depends on what you define as simple :smiley: Things can be simple but still unique and different. Or maybe the text animations are very simple, but then the project has 100 such simple, unique animations combined with some original idea or graphics or something else. This depends on the whole picture of the project and all the parts that make it up. Usually it’s impossible to make each part very original, unique and complex. But if the overall impression that the project creates is unique and different, even with the simplest of text animations, then it will have a chance to be accepted.

In your case, the whole project picture looks still very simple and not unique in any complex and new way that would follow nowadays trends.

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From my current opinion - probably :smiley: But im not a god nor not a videohive reviewer, so you know.

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Tell me please. I can send a couple more works here for a general assessment. Maybe I’m not so hopeless

Yes, sure. You can share your preview here. Other authors will be happy to help you.

These are my last works. I want to become a professional in my field, so the opinion of experienced authors is important to me.

First of all, I don’t think using music tracks from a competing site is a good idea. Why did you choose tracks not from Audiojungle?
The reason for rejection is the same. The projects are very simple. By the word “simple” I mean the negative meaning of this word, and not “brevity”, “conciseness”, “purity”, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of similar projects on the market, and yours haven’t surpassed them. Sorry to be frank, but your projects are boring. They are not impressive. Imagine yourself as a reviewer. He watches dozens of these slideshows a day. It is difficult to surprise him with such a project. Perhaps for you, creating such a project is a success, but the truth is that when considering your project, it is compared with average quality indicators, from which your projects are too far.
There is also some disorganization in the projects. For example: why is the logo off-center in the last video?

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Everything is good. for this I decided to write to your forum. As for the music. I take all the tracks from Audiojungle. I understand you. Also in terms of technical execution, some time after the creation of the video, I myself began to notice technical errors in execution. I was interested in exactly what you told me. visual and design components. I hope that soon, with due diligence, I will be able to make a worthy project. I am always glad to receive adequate criticism addressed to me. it helps me get better. please tell me if there are any forums or lessons that would help me to pump my skill

No, I hear watermark from competing site. Even 2 of your video named of the name of competing site

Yes you are right. I just started with POND 5 drain