Videohive Item Licenses



Hello community!

I’m opened this thread because I have got many emails with similar questions about item license for multiple use of items (after effects project files).

The question is simple, I’m selling pack of some elements and in accordance with item licenses, in two cases (Standard License and Extended License), customer can’t use it for several times. So why not to introduce some of licenses which involve the number of used times for one customer? For example license for 2 or 3 use times. Or make each additional copy of the product is cheaper when buying such two or more times.

It turns out that the authors and envato losing money now! Why? Because many buyers consider not good thing to buy pack of elements and use it only in one project (I think). And as a consequence, they are violating the license and use this pack for several times. So it might be worth to sell licenses for multiple use times?

Some of customers needs two or three copies of item, and they dont buying it but wondering about licenses.

Perhaps I’m wrong and it’s a good idea to sell each copy separately. Any thoughts about this?



Wow, just noticed this thing, interesting question… We surely need some clarification…