Unlimited license?

Hello guys,

A future customer wants to buy one of my AE templates and use it for unlimited times. Are there any license options for that?

They’ll need to buy a single license every time they use it. The only other option is for the guy to buy it outright, and you remove it from the site, or if you’re non-exclusive, you can sell him any license you like.

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I think Envato should add that license, and let author choose whether their item available for it or not

It’s a good idea. They have multi-use for sound effects and motion graphics, so Envato aren’t opposed to the option… just they don’t provide it for certain categories of items. Would be nice to have the option to offer a multi-use license.

So currently the only option is to remove the project from videohive completely, and sell him directly?

Too bad that VH does not offer such license, especially when they have it on other marketplaces.

If you’re exclusive, yes. If you’re non-exclusive then you can sell whatever license type you like, however you like, and at whatever price you want; without having to remove it from Envato.

Hi guys,
I write on behalf of a B2B extrategic partner agency and we were looking forward using an After Effect template, but Envato Licenses regulation are not clear about multiuse for After Effect projects. We need to make a series of video trailers for several products of the same customer (all with same format, to be used on website or YouTube).
I need an official answer from Envato about this matter: can I just buy a single licence for this set of videos or do I need to settle a deal with the author for an unlimited license or at least a stock one?
Thanks in advance

Yes, bring Unlimited License, it will be a massive benefit for everyone!