Multi use After Effects template license

Hi! I got a message asking if I could sell my After Effects template with multi use license.

Im non exclusive author. As far as I know I cant sell multi use though VideoHive, right?

Can I do it on my own?

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No you can’t

Author status is irrelevant to licensing being for one end product


What then is the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive author? :thinking:

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Where you can sell it.

Exclusive - only on Envato
Non-exclusive - everywhere

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With respect this is the same regardless of a buyer purchasing a regular or extended license.

  1. There are no multi-use licenses

  2. There are no buy-out licenses that restrict the author selling an item to as many people as want to buy it

The only difference between a regular or extended license is how and where an item is used by the buyer.

As you non exclusive, you can sell your template somewhere else, including your own site. And sell different type of licenses.