Licence for transition pack

Hi everyone

I’ve read the standard licence agreement…
Am I correct to assume that when I buy a transition pack with 4000+ transitions I have to relicence it?(e.a. pay for it again and again and again every time I use it on any product?)

Thanks for the info.

You can use each of the 4000 transitions on one end product. The creator does market this differently but this is the license that you purchase it with, which of course is stupid. This product should have been placed in the Script / Presets section with a tools license (that is what you want, unlimited use) but the author did not want to do that. Either because of more sales in the After Effects templates category as opposed to the preset category, or because you can have an extended license there.

Maybe the author doesn’t understand the license itself.

Either way, you can purchase this and break the license agreement by using it several times (which is encouraged by the author, as he likes to make up his own license) or stay on the legal side and don’t purchase it because it is stupid to sell this with a one-time use license.

Your call