No reselling. What does this mean?

I’d like to uncover some specifics of what it means to not be able to resell. Does that mean that you can’t simply take the project from Envato and resell it. Or does it mean you can’t sell any items that Envato content has been used on at all? I can’t imagine there could be a huge use to much of the items if you can’t ever sell anything that you used elements from this site on.

Items need to be incorporated into other projects then that can be sold (usually 1 project/website etc. per license/copy).

As your post says - you cannot just resell in the original format.

If you want to see the modified project on Envato marketplaces then you also need an extended license and permission of the original author

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@calebwest Are you looking at Elements or Envato Market (VideoHive) items? The licenses are a little different for each, so it would help to see more examples of the ways you’d like to use these items.

In general, you can’t download an item and then re-sell it as-is. You can create a new End Product using one or more items, and there are different licenses covering commercial use of these - for example, creating a single video for a client using an After Effects template is fine.

Thank you yes i think think this is covering what I asked. It would be definitely utilizing a template for a completely new end product with custom graphics and effects added.

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