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Can I use any transition packs or any other library that are bought from envato in my selling after effects template …for example video transition presets from videolancer …please help me

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Hi. I guess you can not resell other author works. But I´m not sure. I´m not an envato rules expert. Maybe others can help more about this :+1:


I think you need to buy the extended licence to use the transition preset in your template.


These rules are not allowed, they contradict with envato license. One regular license as well as the extended license does mean one end product. This is very clear on envato terms.

Authors want to bend these license terms to gain an advantage over their competition, selling more because you get a better deal.
Whenever you see an author offering a regular license or an extended license for more than one end product, report them to support.

We already have a license for unlimited end products on videohive, it is the tools license. If videolancer wants to offer one license for multiple projects, he will have to offer a tools license.


I guess it makes sense. But what videolancer is doing here, in my opinion, is supporting videohive creators. And I see no harm in that.

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The harm is in promising people license terms that are not included in the license they paid for, which can end up being a problem.

I doubt envato wants every author to invent his own license terms, even if it is benefiting other authors on envato.
Envato only allows the use of an item in one another stock item with an extended license. Envato earns with that extended license.
Basically they lose out on money when people use this several times.

There are other authors trying to give a “use it unlimited numbers I don’t care” license even in their item description, and not restricting this to videohive authors.

If we continue this path, we will open the box of pandora. All authors will have to bend the license terms to compete with that, and nothing will be clear anymore.


Most uses in a template you’re going to sell require permission from the author… so there’s nothing wrong with giving that permission in the item description, so theres no need to ask. But aside from that, authors shouldn’t be giving permission for things that wouldn’t be covered by any of the item’s existing license terms.

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Giving the permission to use the item in another envato item is common practice on codecanyon, as they like to be used in themeforest themes. There is nothing wrong with giving this permission in the description, it does simplify things.

However, they do not breach the one license = one end product term, and they do require an extended license for that permission.


Thank you so much for your help authors…

Thank you

One author used that videolancer preset and given credits to videolancer product in the description…so I asked…