how does envato check videohive license

Hi, i’m planning to start selling my after effect templates. I am just wondering is envato able to check whether my template has been used multiple times using a single licence.

I’ve never heard of a case where Envato went after someone for abusing license terms. If at all, you need to do that yourself. But even if you do, there is little to no chance of enforcing it.

In case a big brand with lots of money uses your item unlawfully, you can hire a specialised lawyer who can go after them for the big bucks. But even in that case you need to shell out thousands of $$s first.

No need to shell out thousands of dollar. A legit company will most likely pay up if caught abusing the license terms. A simple email can do the trick.

Envato won’t a thing though. It’s all on the author.

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This is Author’s responsibility to check these things, as you will sell directly to a customer

@PurpleFogSound ohh okay. So how can I as a author keep track of the buyers usage of my product using a single use license?

Unfortunately there is no easy way. Us music authors have tools at our disposal that can help us keep track of our music. I don’t think this is the case for videos though. All you can do is hard and tedious investigative work.

@PurpleFogSound ohh okay that sucks :frowning: .Thank you for informing me about this :slight_smile: